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How to use the Sightseeing & Travel Information on Kibichuo Town

*When using this app, please turn on the GPS function of your smartphone or tablet.

AR of Kibichuo Town

  • 1
  • Start the installed app and press “Kibichuo Town AR” in the menu.
  • 2
  • Switch the camera to the camera view mode, and read by placing your smartphone over the AR marker posted at each facility.
  • 3
  • When the AR marker is loaded, the information, photos, and videos of the facilities will be displayed.

Points for enjoying AR

Keep your smartphone near the location after loading the AR marker.
When you leave a particular AR marker, the position information will be changed and its readable information will no longer be displayed.
Please read and enjoy each place while near the AR markers in turn.


Current location and each spot are displayed on the map in real time.

When you press each pin in the map, a detailed explanation of each spot is displayed.

By pressing the menu button in the upper left corner, you can filter into the spot location.
By turning the check button to ON, you can select the spot displayed on the map.

Press the button on the top right to display your current location.