Bijin-no-yu Hot Spring (a hot spring of beauty) welled up from the riverbed

Yunose Hot Spring

his hospitable hot spring country inn is operated by a second-generation okami (female manager) and has been in business since 1921. The pure alkaline rich spring flowing from the river bed has attracted widespread popularity as a therapeutic bath because of its multiple medicinal properties. The naturally 29 degree Celsius hot spring water is heated and pumped without being filtered to the faucets and showers in the bath. The hot spring has a higher than usual pH level of 9.7, which has a potent moisturizing effect that, as expected, leads to more beautiful skin. Leisurely soaks without overnight reservations are available and many regular customers from Okayama City continually visit to enjoy a bath that leaves you warm even after getting out. At dinner time okami tenderly serves botannabe (hot pot with boar meat), kamonabe (hot pot with duck), and fresh water fish dishes. Guests are especially surprised by the pleasant taste of wild boar meat on their first time trying botannabe.

From April to November, there is a bungalow-style campsite available across the Toyoka River that flows behind the inn. Beginning around May guests can enjoy bird watching, campfires, and fishing in the river. Then in June the fireflies are flitting about making it the best season to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere. Since there are almost no private homes around the hot spring and campsites it is the best location to rest easily. Once in a while take off your watch and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy time moving a little slower.


  • Address
    1538-1 Toyooka-shimo, Kibichuo-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama Pref.
  • Phone
  • Access
    Approximately 15 minutes by car from Okayama Expressway, Kayo IC
  • Room rate
    9,500 yen per night with two meals
  • Leisurely soak
    Adults 500 yen, Children 400 yen

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