Astro Cottage “GALILEO”

Sitting atop the peak of a hill 370 meters above sea level this astronomical observatory provides an accommodating place to experience local nature and enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding area. In a 1995 national ministry survey, the town of Kamogawa was ranked the 5th best location for beautiful stargazing views. This evaluation provided the critical boost essential to establishing the Astro Cottage “Galileo.” The facility is divided into two sections facing each other across the main entrance hall. On the north side, there are two guest rooms; one 4.5 mat Japanese style room and one 8 mat western style room. The south side houses the celestial observatory. The computerized, 30-centimeter reflector telescope is set up within the observation dome on the second floor of the celestial observatory. It is possible to operate the telescope just by viewing the attached operation manual, but there is no need for beginners to worry because it is also possible to have a guide assist you if a reservation is made in advance.

The facility is also equipped with a kitchen so you may bring and prepare all your own meals. Each room can only be reserved by one group at a time so you can enjoy your own BBQ under the starry sky without any interruption. We recommend spending this one and only special time lying in the hilly grasslands gazing at the star sprinkled sky with family and friends. Distant stars can also be viewed with the telescope. There is a magnificent view from dusk until dawn, and depending on the season, the early morning sea of clouds can also paint an impressive scene.


  • Address
    1506-150 Shimogamo, Kibichuo-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama Pref.
  • Phone
    0866-54-1301 Kyodo-Suishin Ka, Kibichuo Town
  • Business hours
    15:00~10:00 of Next day
  • Room rate
    Overnight rate 5,140 yen, Elementary school students and older – 1,030 yen
  • Telescope fee
    dome charge 2,060 yen, compact mobile 1,030 yen
  • Capacity
    5 persons
  • Access
    approximately 40 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway, Okayama IC / approximately 30 minutes by car from Okayama Expressway, Kayo IC

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